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Bronze Sculptures


Gangeh Galleries offers original bronze sculptures, African jewelry, and more through our gallery website. We represent artists such as Samba Ngom, who creates unique cast bronze sculptures and wood carvings depicting animals and elements in nature.

Sand Casting bronze is the oldest way to craft bronze sculptures:


  1. The artist creates a pattern. Then they place it in a sand-packed flask (box).

  2. They add a binding agent to harden the sand and make a mold.

  3. They pour molten bronze and let the metal cool.

The sand casting may remain as is or go through other finishing processes.

One example of our bronze sculpture collection is a sand-cast bronze titled Wedding Ceremony. This lovely bronze sculpture is perfect for display in your library, or office, or as a centerpiece in any room. The sculpture captures the movement of a wedding party as they glide across the water in a ceremonial boat.

We also work with artisans from the Senegambia Craft Market who create African jewelry depicting native animals and cultural symbols. These brightly colored necklaces and bracelets make beautiful gifts. The artist's craft African jewelry with glass beads and cords.

All of our African jewelry is hand-made by local artists with traditional methods. For example, Lampwork uses a fixed directional flame to melt the glass into individual and unique glass beads.

If you're searching for authentic African jewelry or bronze sculptures, you can conveniently purchase these original works of art from our website. Please feel free to contact us with questions via email or by phone.

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