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Blue Best Of Blue Album Rar

This is the fourth Joni Mitchell album I purchased back in the early 1970's. This album gave new meaning to the word "blue" ... she allowed us to touch her soul thru her music and so many of us connected to her because of that. She once said that "love is touching souls...surely you've touched mine." Thank you Joni, for allowing us to touch your soul... because surely you've touched mine. [ed.] [ed.]

Blue Best Of Blue Album Rar


I have a liberty label variation that is not pictured above. lou Donaldson 4263 mono. Division of liberty label, no van gelder stamp. The title, catalog numbers and songs are printed in much darker blue ink, it almost looks black.On my horace silver 4250 mono, the above text is in the same color ink as the rest of the label

The RVG STEREO stamp seems to be almost universally (mono collectors excepted) considered a good sign, but I have some later, non-RVG dark blue label pressings that play much better than these RVG Liberty stereos.

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