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"Resident Alien" Alien Dinner Party(2022)

At the party, Sheriff Mike regales the group with a funny story about his partner Jesse from D.C., finally opening up about his past. Dan tells him it's good to see him laughing as Asta comes over asks to talk to him. She explains that the alien baby hatched and is loose. She tells him to not let anyone outside, that Harry is worried. "He doesn't look worried," Dan points out, as Harry sits taking a gift of a candle from D'Arcy. Ben asks if it isn't the one he gave her last Christmas and she says she'd have had time to shop if someone had invited her. Asta takes Harry aside and they discuss the alien baby. Max and Sahar come up to the window and try to get Asta's attention. Unable to, Sahar decides they need another plan. They walk away from the window and spot a raccoon, admiring its cuteness until the alien baby pops up and devours it. It hisses at them and they scream and run away. Sahar tells Max that Harry is breeding alien babies. Back inside, Asta asks Harry just how they're supposed to keep everyone inside, if the "humalien" ran away. He tells her he doesn't know what it will do, given that it's a hybrid. He says that the alien part will want to come back because it knows there's food, namely the eggsac it was born in... and then all of them. He tells her he'll go down and look for it. She asks if he has bullets for all the guns that are hanging up around the place. He tells her they're already loaded, that the real him was "rednecky."

"Resident Alien" Alien Dinner Party(2022)


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