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Episodes Of Ninja Hattori In Hindi

The main antagonists are Kemumaki, a Koga Ninja, and his ninja-cat, Kagechiyo. Kemaki always causes trouble for Kenichi and Hattori, sometimes inventing new devices to fight against Hattori but always ending up in mishap. Kenichi asking Hattori to take revenge is a recurring storyline present throughout many episodes. Although Hattori is a good friend, Kenichi sometimes fights with him due to misunderstandings created by Kemumaki. Sometimes Jippou, Togejirou and Tsubame help him.

episodes of ninja hattori in hindi

Is a talking animal-ninja of the Kōga-ryū, Kagechiyo is the supporting antagonist in the series. Usually Kemumaki gives a big task in his plans for Kagechiyo to carry out, which he often does not succeed in. This is because he doesn't get enough training from Kemumaki and is seen sleeping on the streets. He is noticed by Hattori several times. He is seen to have a rivalry with Shishimaru. His fur color is black and white. He normally hides in the Mitsuba house to hear Kenichi and his friends' plans and afterwards informs Kemumaki about them, we'll suited to being a spy. At times he resents Kemumaki for his strictness and imagines living a life of luxury as a normal cat in some episodes. He enjoys eating fish. He obtains an attack of static electricity on rubbing a shining metal plate against his back. If he uses this attack too much then it will drain his energy, and he will feel weak.

Amazon Prime Video India began streaming the series in English, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi in December 2016.[3] Netflix began streaming the "fifth season" (53 episodes) of the Indian English dub in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and India on December 22, 2018.[4] Since May 15, 2020, Netflix no longer streams them. In Korea, from December 19, 2005, until the 5th season was aired on Talent TV (JEI Talent Broadcasting at the time of the first airing in 2005). became Currently, Nickelodeon is broadcasting New Ninja Hattori. The main character, the ninja Hattori Ganjo Hanzo (Tori), has a distinctive dialect accent and a 'nin nin nin nin nin' tone.

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