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Online Art Gallery


Gangeh Galleries is an online art gallery founded by Walter K. Bauland to represent Senegambia artists, a hidden city in Western Africa. We offer original art influenced by the Gambian culture and created by artists from Senegal, The Gambia, Mali, and Guinea-Bissau among other countries in Western Africa. To that end, the artists in our community produce original paintings, wood carvings, sculptures, textiles, and jewelry.

Our mission is to bring attention to the art and artists of this area through promotions in our online art gallery and physical venues. Currently, we have locations in Senegambia, Kololi, and Long Island, New York. We also offer direct sales from our online art gallery website.

You'll discover an assortment of wearable art and textiles, sculptures, and paintings in our gallery. And you can support our artists by purchasing their original work online. What's more, we encourage art lovers to donate to the struggling Artist of The Gambia fund. Please email us to find out more about our artists and community.

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